Greedy Squirrels!

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Growing up in India, the sight of squirrels is something that I am used to and I find them quite adorable 🙂 The sight of one climbing trees or running about with little pieces of food looking at humans suspiciously always makes me smile.

I particularly love their characterization in books and movies. Remember the squirrel who hangs out with Big Ears from the Noddy series? Or that squirrel from Ice age who is always hiding his nuts?

I wonder what goes through their little heads when they take off with their little treasures, their pretty eyes filled with suspicion? Do they think that their food may be stolen? Or are they just plain greedy and don’t want anybody to find out?

So I couldn’t help but laugh when I spotted these squirrels smuggling pieces of food much larger than themselves! Seriously, I bet that pizza and apple weigh more than the squirrel 🙂 Definitely made my day!!


PIzza thief!

This Squirrel was spotted outside my apartment during my days in the suburbs of Philadelphia.


Summer snack?

This squirrel was spotted at the beautiful locales of Radha Madhav Dham located in Austin.

Together forever (?)

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Late last December, we enjoyed a particularly beautiful Saturday at Brackenridge Park, San Antonio. The weather was blissful and the colors of nature were at their best.  While strolling through the park, we came across these two ducks. Nothing new about ducks right? Well, these two were different because they never wanted to leave each others company. They cackled all the time as if having a serious conversation. Even when my son chased them, they would run in opposite directions only to get back together!

I found them  endearing…two partners who never wanted to be without each other. Would they always remain together? I wondered about how long they had been together and what they were going on about – the most recent gossip from duck town? If only I understood duck!!

Pretty pictures perfect for last Fridays photo prompt, don’t you think?


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This is probably not a great photo as far as the elements of photography are concerned. However it was the most perfect picture I could locate in my collection for the daily post prompt from WordPress.
This picture reminds me of simpler life and a cheaper point and shoot camera that broke 2 years ago. The picture reinstates my love for all things magical and brings to mind a picturesque life of having a cottage in the country surrounded by clean air and water with birds, butterflies and other gentle creatures for company. Dreams of organic farming, crafting real food, writing, painting, reading…of days spent in a state of idyllic bliss!



The Rose Garden

dallas arboretum, Roses
Roses are red, Violets are blue
That’s what they said,
Until I met you.

Would you look at that?  

And I simply couldn’t turn my head back when I saw these. It felt as if I were in the midst of a Jane Austen novel set within the walls of a Elizabeth Arden perfume factory. That was the experience of strolling through the rose garden at the Dallas Arboretum during Christmas 2015. Rows and rows of rose bushes, each one filled with roses of different hues. Some of these bushes even towered above my head! 
It felt surreal to be in the midst of these beautiful flowers and be filled with their heady fragrances….I remember  being very tired walking around all day and it was close to the end of the day when we stopped by the rose garden. Few minutes in and we felt pretty invigorated and full of fresh energy…Ah! to have at least a tiny rose garden in my life…heck, I might settle down for any garden 🙂 Until then, I have the memories of these beauties to savor.

Magical Toadstools

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Of toadstools and enchanted woods,
Of pixies and fairies,
Of adventures and distant lands,
Of a childhood spent chasing dreams and butterflies…
This is my wish for you,
Hope this wish comes true.
Took this picture during one of our walks at Phil Hardberger park few months ago! It was a great day and my 3 year old seemed to be enjoying himself too! Why wouldn’t he be considering we were pushing him around in a stroller? When I spotted this mushroom popping out near the walking trails in the midst of dried fall leaves. At that moment, I was briefly transported to the world of Enid Blyton and her magical  world of fairies and goblins. I was a little girl again, curled up in my room with my books. I looked on for a few minutes by the trail – what if a pixie popped out?  I remember hoping that my son would be a great fan of nature much like his parents and maybe discover new worlds and plan his own adventures. Of course, I will try to get him to read the works of Enid Blyton! 🙂
Well, little one hope you get see the beautiful parts of this world  much more than your parents did!

An eggplant and a Rose

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I have a thing for home gardens! 

This rose made its debut in my mom’s garden which is a fairly simple one with only potted plants. I called this one the temple rose because my parents bought this plant at a temple. 

A bloom fit for the gods!

This is a flower from an eggplant bloom. I sent my mom some seeds and this is the result…I was pretty excited as I have never seen an eggplant flower before. Hope the plant produces some great eggplants 😄


Flora, Flowers, wild flowers
Took my breath away!! When I saw the pretty rose kissed withe early morning dew on the terrace, I knew I had to capture the moment!

Good Morning World!!

I spotted this pretty flower among the weeds in a nearby plot filled with garbage!! (Perils of Singara Chennai!) Anyways this one was peeping out of the fence – seemed like she wanted to get away and go on an adventure of her own 🙂 Had to capture this slice of life….

Waiting to Exhale

What you could do on a day trip to Pondicherry…

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Here are some interesting pictures that I tool during a day trip to Pondicherry earlier this year. This beautiful French town is about 2 hours away from Chennai and is the place to go to for a perfect week end get away!! I am not yet done enjoying this little town and will hopefully be back for more 🙂 Until then here is a list of activities that could be enjoyed when you are on a day trip to beautiful and almost clean Pondy! Though we visited the Aurobindo Ashram, I could not include those pictures cos they don’t allow photography!! If you visit Pondy do visit the Ashram for some “Moksha” 🙂
Post a long drive from Chennai enjoy some French Crepes for lunch 🙂
These were Banana Chocolate Crepes….

Though I must admit they were too eggy for my taste…..
Thrown in a pizza  loaded with carrots, peas, corn and more while you are at it ….

Walk on the promenade by the beach….
Take in the scenery – A lone food cart by the shore…..

Enjoy the sounds and smell of the sea!

 Take a look at some “hot” stuff!! 

The “Molaga Baji” stall – try at you own risk!! I was amused with the pepper garlands….

Peanut Salad anyone?? I wouldn’t eat this though……try at your own risk!
Check out some unusual and usual flora and fauna….

Check out the shape of this tree!!

Part of the Gazebo from the park opposite the Pondy Museum!

Getting ready to bloom…..

Lakshmi the elephant@ the famous Manakula Vinayagar temple! Check out her name tag…

And her anklets! She must be special……

Sometimes you can spot a kitty train…..

End you day with some strong coffee and sandwiches @ Satguru Cafe before you head home…..sigh
Rejuvenate with a strong cuppa! 

Need I say anything? 

All pictures were taken on our first wedding anniversay…….We reached home by midnight and actually cut a Tiraimisu cake!! A long, tiring and enjoyable day!!

"V" day

Candles, Little Italy, Valentines day
It is my dream to travel to Italy – heck! I’d love to stay there for a year, explore the land, live there, learn their cuisine, paint, write a book and more!! Well I haven’t made there yet but  then I did get to dine a Little Italy for Valentines day! Italian Food, Candle and Tiraimisu!! What better way to celebrate the evening 😉
Pardon the pictures – they were taken with a phone camera in the dark!! But then I had to capture the moment considering it was my first big “V” day!!
Tiraimisu 🙂

"Appakudathaan" Temple, Koviladi

Appakudathaan temple, Flora, Koviladi, South India, Temple, trichy, wild flowers
My favorite temple amongst all the temples we visited was the “Appakudathaan” temple at Koviladi, a tiny village at Trichy… The temple was ancient and peaceful with Lord Ranganatha resting his hands on a  “Appam” pot. The priests living near the temple served us hot, fresh appams (probably the best in the world)……. The temple had a beautiful river right next to it with the usual quota of fauna and flora!! I left this place with a heavy heart 😦
Beautiful River near the temple
The beauty of Gods creations – pretty flowers of a thorny cactus plant..
Cactus flowers….
An ancient dilapidated chariot – wonder how beautiful it must have been in the decades gone by