Magical Toadstools

Of toadstools and enchanted woods,
Of pixies and fairies,
Of adventures and distant lands,
Of a childhood spent chasing dreams and butterflies…
This is my wish for you,
Hope this wish comes true.
Took this picture during one of our walks at Phil Hardberger park few months ago! It was a great day and my 3 year old seemed to be enjoying himself too! Why wouldn’t he be considering we were pushing him around in a stroller? When I spotted this mushroom popping out near the walking trails in the midst of dried fall leaves. At that moment, I was briefly transported to the world of Enid Blyton and her magical  world of fairies and goblins. I was a little girl again, curled up in my room with my books. I looked on for a few minutes by the trail – what if a pixie popped out?  I remember hoping that my son would be a great fan of nature much like his parents and maybe discover new worlds and plan his own adventures. Of course, I will try to get him to read the works of Enid Blyton! 🙂
Well, little one hope you get see the beautiful parts of this world  much more than your parents did!

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