I have always been interested in photography, but have never had the time or the resources to pursue it seriously.  I like being able to document the various beautiful facets of my life using photography. In a world of cell phone cameras and digital cameras, I figured that some select pictures from my collection deserve their own space. Come to think of there there is always some kind of story, thought or experience behind every picture.  I am a foodie, an animal lover, enjoy travelling and adore nature at its beautiful best. You will find plenty of pictures of food, fauna and flora on this photo journal blog. These are not shot using any fancy cameras. I mostly use a digital camera or my cell phone to capture interesting moments anywhere.  Hope you enjoy the photos!  

A  request to all viewers: Please respect my COPYRIGHT!! If you would like to use any of the pictures  please drop me a note in the comments section of the blog. The same goes for your thoughts and feedback.

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