An eggplant and a Rose

eggplant, Flowers, rose

I have a thing for home gardens! 

This rose made its debut in my mom’s garden which is a fairly simple one with only potted plants. I called this one the temple rose because my parents bought this plant at a temple. 

A bloom fit for the gods!

This is a flower from an eggplant bloom. I sent my mom some seeds and this is the result…I was pretty excited as I have never seen an eggplant flower before. Hope the plant produces some great eggplants 😄


Flora, Flowers, wild flowers
Took my breath away!! When I saw the pretty rose kissed withe early morning dew on the terrace, I knew I had to capture the moment!

Good Morning World!!

I spotted this pretty flower among the weeds in a nearby plot filled with garbage!! (Perils of Singara Chennai!) Anyways this one was peeping out of the fence – seemed like she wanted to get away and go on an adventure of her own 🙂 Had to capture this slice of life….

Waiting to Exhale

Window Garden

Amish county, Flora, Flowers

I love these pretty window gardens spotted in many homes across the western part of the world…..I found this pretty garden at the Amish county at Pennsylavania…. I remember spending a beautiful day out there with my parents and cousin R. My earlier visit to the county was with friends P and M and what a fun day that was too….sigh….

We should start following such concepts out here in these concrete jungles at home so that there can be more beauty around us….