Flora, Flowers, wild flowers
Took my breath away!! When I saw the pretty rose kissed withe early morning dew on the terrace, I knew I had to capture the moment!

Good Morning World!!

I spotted this pretty flower among the weeds in a nearby plot filled with garbage!! (Perils of Singara Chennai!) Anyways this one was peeping out of the fence – seemed like she wanted to get away and go on an adventure of her own 🙂 Had to capture this slice of life….

Waiting to Exhale

"Appakudathaan" Temple, Koviladi

Appakudathaan temple, Flora, Koviladi, South India, Temple, trichy, wild flowers
My favorite temple amongst all the temples we visited was the “Appakudathaan” temple at Koviladi, a tiny village at Trichy… The temple was ancient and peaceful with Lord Ranganatha resting his hands on a  “Appam” pot. The priests living near the temple served us hot, fresh appams (probably the best in the world)……. The temple had a beautiful river right next to it with the usual quota of fauna and flora!! I left this place with a heavy heart 😦
Beautiful River near the temple
The beauty of Gods creations – pretty flowers of a thorny cactus plant..
Cactus flowers….
An ancient dilapidated chariot – wonder how beautiful it must have been in the decades gone by

Window Garden

Amish county, Flora, Flowers

I love these pretty window gardens spotted in many homes across the western part of the world…..I found this pretty garden at the Amish county at Pennsylavania…. I remember spending a beautiful day out there with my parents and cousin R. My earlier visit to the county was with friends P and M and what a fun day that was too….sigh….

We should start following such concepts out here in these concrete jungles at home so that there can be more beauty around us….