Greedy Squirrels!

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Growing up in India, the sight of squirrels is something that I am used to and I find them quite adorable 🙂 The sight of one climbing trees or running about with little pieces of food looking at humans suspiciously always makes me smile.

I particularly love their characterization in books and movies. Remember the squirrel who hangs out with Big Ears from the Noddy series? Or that squirrel from Ice age who is always hiding his nuts?

I wonder what goes through their little heads when they take off with their little treasures, their pretty eyes filled with suspicion? Do they think that their food may be stolen? Or are they just plain greedy and don’t want anybody to find out?

So I couldn’t help but laugh when I spotted these squirrels smuggling pieces of food much larger than themselves! Seriously, I bet that pizza and apple weigh more than the squirrel 🙂 Definitely made my day!!


PIzza thief!

This Squirrel was spotted outside my apartment during my days in the suburbs of Philadelphia.


Summer snack?

This squirrel was spotted at the beautiful locales of Radha Madhav Dham located in Austin.

Together forever (?)

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Late last December, we enjoyed a particularly beautiful Saturday at Brackenridge Park, San Antonio. The weather was blissful and the colors of nature were at their best.  While strolling through the park, we came across these two ducks. Nothing new about ducks right? Well, these two were different because they never wanted to leave each others company. They cackled all the time as if having a serious conversation. Even when my son chased them, they would run in opposite directions only to get back together!

I found them  endearing…two partners who never wanted to be without each other. Would they always remain together? I wondered about how long they had been together and what they were going on about – the most recent gossip from duck town? If only I understood duck!!

Pretty pictures perfect for last Fridays photo prompt, don’t you think?