What you could do on a day trip to Pondicherry…

Here are some interesting pictures that I tool during a day trip to Pondicherry earlier this year. This beautiful French town is about 2 hours away from Chennai and is the place to go to for a perfect week end get away!! I am not yet done enjoying this little town and will hopefully be back for more 🙂 Until then here is a list of activities that could be enjoyed when you are on a day trip to beautiful and almost clean Pondy! Though we visited the Aurobindo Ashram, I could not include those pictures cos they don’t allow photography!! If you visit Pondy do visit the Ashram for some “Moksha” 🙂
Post a long drive from Chennai enjoy some French Crepes for lunch 🙂
These were Banana Chocolate Crepes….

Though I must admit they were too eggy for my taste…..
Thrown in a pizza  loaded with carrots, peas, corn and more while you are at it ….

Walk on the promenade by the beach….
Take in the scenery – A lone food cart by the shore…..

Enjoy the sounds and smell of the sea!

 Take a look at some “hot” stuff!! 

The “Molaga Baji” stall – try at you own risk!! I was amused with the pepper garlands….

Peanut Salad anyone?? I wouldn’t eat this though……try at your own risk!
Check out some unusual and usual flora and fauna….

Check out the shape of this tree!!

Part of the Gazebo from the park opposite the Pondy Museum!

Getting ready to bloom…..

Lakshmi the elephant@ the famous Manakula Vinayagar temple! Check out her name tag…

And her anklets! She must be special……

Sometimes you can spot a kitty train…..

End you day with some strong coffee and sandwiches @ Satguru Cafe before you head home…..sigh
Rejuvenate with a strong cuppa! 

Need I say anything? 

All pictures were taken on our first wedding anniversay…….We reached home by midnight and actually cut a Tiraimisu cake!! A long, tiring and enjoyable day!!

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