More Snowy innocence
I’m cute!

This is picture of a rescued kitten, whom we named Mr.Snowy. A brief history of Mr.Snowy – his mom who used to frequent our place for food (we called her “kutty” meaning “the little one” in tamil) was abducted by rag pickers (nari kuruvas to be precise) and he was left to fend for himself. He didn’t know how to survive on his own and was screaming his head off for 2 days with no food, shivering in the heavy downpours of rain in Chennai this December. We were able to rescue/find him only after several attempts! Rather he found us when we made his way into the School staff room of my MIL. 

Seems he particularly selected her staff room! To our great surprise, we found that he had 1 blue and 1 green eye!! He is definitely special……He was with us for 2 days before a loving cat person and fellow teacher offered to adopt him. He joined Julie, their other cat at their home and is now King of the house!! We love you Mr.Snowy and we hope you live a great and healthy life full of love and affection…..<3 

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